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Full description TNT application process 2020 Resource 6th March 2020
Welcome Resource 3rd December 2018
2017 MINT Forum Website Resource 7th February 2017
May 2018 Bibliography of Controlled Clinical Trials Involving Motivational Interviewing Resource 17th August 2016
2016 PSF Announcement (French) Resource 4th April 2016
2016 PSF application Resource 4th April 2016
PSF Announcement 2016 Resource 4th April 2016
Generational Literalism (Miller, 2014) Resource 20th August 2015
Promoting Responsivity in Community Corrections: A Motivational Interviewing Training Curriculum Resource 25th January 2013
The role of demographic characteristics and readiness to change in 12-month outcomes from two distinct brief interventions for impaired drivers Biblio 29th February 2012
Motivational interviewing to reduce substance-related consequences: Effects for incarcerated adolescents with depressed mood Biblio 29th February 2012
Client Language in Motivational Interviewing Resource 5th May 2011
Engaging Motivation: Audio-visual material Resource 5th May 2008
Assessing Alcohol Problems Using Motivational Interviewing Resource 5th April 2008
MET/CBT5 Video Training for Addiction Professionals Resource 4th May 2007
Motivational Interviewing, Brief Therapy for Addictions Video Series Resource 26th May 2002
La Entrevista Motivacional: Preparación para el Cambio Resource 5th May 2002
Motivational Interviewing: Professional Training Series Resource 5th May 1998
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