Client Language in Motivational Interviewing


This video focuses on the specific skill of recognizing and responding to client language during motivational interviewing sessions. It features both short (3-4 minutes) and longer (10 minutes) video demonstrations of such techniques as the importance and confidence rulers, use of selective reflection, responding to sustain talk and increasing the momentum of change talk. This DVD was created as a specialized learning resource in Project ELICIT, a randomized controlled trial that demonstrated that client language about substance use could be influenced by specialized training of their clinicians. It features 11 different clinicians and clients in a variety of settings including primary care, EAP and formal substance abuse treatment. Each segment is introduced by Drs. William Miller, Theresa Moyers and Jennifer Manuel, who also provide commentary about learning opportunities in these clips. With over 90 minutes of video this DVD is an excellent primer for clinicians wishing to become more proficient in this core skill in motivational interviewing. We note that this DVD is not a replacement for a more general introduction to Motivational Interviewing, instead focusing more carefully on only one particular element. Professional Training DVD Series 2012 William R. Miller, Ph.D. Theresa B. Moyers, Ph.D. Jennifer Manuel, Ph.D. Center on Alcoholism Substance Abuse, and Addictions (UNM/CASAA)

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