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  • 2018 MINT TNT will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, October 29 - October 31, 2018.  Application is CLOSED. 

  • Click to be added to our 2019 MINT TNT Notification List. By adding your contact information, you will receive emails notifying you of  the date, location, and application details for the 2019 MINT TNT. 

  • To help you prepare for future TNT applications, the 2017 Application is posted in our Library; also search under General Files. 

  • If you have questions other than date and location of our TNTs, please email 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of MINT's Annual TNT Workshop?  The TNT workshop is designed to help skilled MI practitioners enhance their MI training skills. It is also currently the only pathway to become a Member of MINT.

How often and where is the TNT held?  The official MINT-sponsored TNT is held once a year. Currently, the TNT workshop location alternates every other year between a US/North American venue and a European venue. 

What are the expectations of a TNT Applicant?

  • You are proficient in delivering MI and can demonstrate the range of MI-specific skills in a 20-minute interview with a standardized patient.
  • You are able to articulate the initial and ongoing learning process that you have engaged in to develop and refine your MI skills;
  • You have received feedback, coaching and/or supervision, as part of ongoing MI learning;
  • You have some experience with providing MI Training (recommended, but not required).

When can I submit my application for the TNT?  We begin accepting applications in mid March. Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. The deadline to submit is typically in mid May. 

What if my first language is not English? Can I still apply to the  TNT?  All Written TNT Applications must be submitted in English. The Standardized Patient interviews will be conducted in English. If English is not your first language, this will be taken into account in the coding.

How many applicants will be accepted into the TNT?  The first 120 applicants (3 groups of 40) who have been accepted, and who have paid the 3-day registration fee will be admitted.  A short waiting list may be retained in the event that an Approved Applicant withdraws prior to the beginning of the training.  Please carefully read and follow all the application INSTRUCTIONS, as not following instructions is one of the most common reasons for delayed application review.

What happens after I submit my application?  Your complete application - Written Application Form, MITI-coded SP interview, and SP Self Reflection Form - is sent to one of our teams of reviewers, who are current Members of MINT located all over the world. The review time can take up to 8-10 weeks.

If I am accepted? If your application meets all criteria satisfactorily, you will receive a notification of your acceptance via email. You will also receive your MITI-coding feedback, which is intended to reinforce and strengthen your MI practice. You will receive a Welcome to TNT email with instructions to secure your place in the workshop, special hotel booking link, financial assistance information, and an invitation to attend the MINT Annual Forum at a special reduced rate for New Members.

What if my application is not accepted?  You may appeal a decision of "non-acceptance" within 7 days by submitting an appeal letter to the TNT Coordinator.

If I my application shows areas that I need to strengthen, can I apply again next year?  Though the decision of the MINT Board of Directors regarding the outcome of the application shall be final for the 2018 application cycle, we encourage you to use the feedback we offer and make another application next year.

What if I am accepted this year, but I cannot afford to pay for the 3 Day Workshop?  MINT has a Public Service Fund especially for those who have financial hardship but want to attain the many benefits of becoming a Member of MINT. The information regarding the PSF and how to apply for funding will be included in your Welcome to TNT email

What if I am accepted this year, but a personal conflict prevents me from attending the workshop?  We believe that your application means that you fully intend to attend the TNT workshop. However, we understand that circumstances beyond your control may prevent this from happening: personal or family illness, extraordinary life events, financial limitations. etc. In these cases, it is important to notify us immediately that you cannot attend. Refunds may be issued if eligible. Your status as an Approved Applicant will be extended for up to two years: you will be exempt from the application process and allowed to register in the next two subsequent TNTs.

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