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MINT is a professional organization of independent MI trainers and as such does not provide recommendations for trainers/specific events.  If you are looking to engage an MI trainer for your organization or event, please review training profiles, and obtain contact information by clicking on "MINT Trainer Listings".  If you are interested in attending a scheduled public training by a MINT member, see the advertised trainings under "Training Events."

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"Supervision and Coaching Clinical Skillfulness" -  A 3-hour virtual professional development workshop with Dr. Bill Miller and Dr. Terri Moyers

15 July 2024 

Why are some therapists so much more (or less) effective than others? Beyond whatever specific treatments are provided, client outcomes are substantially influenced by learnable relational skills such as accurate empathy, positive regard, and genuineness. How can clinical supervisors, teachers, and coaches help counselors to strengthen these important “nonspecific” skills? This workshop focuses on how to observe, measure, and teach these vital skills that are often overlooked or assumed in practice.

Psychology professors Miller and Moyers (University of New Mexico) are the authors of Effective Psychotherapists: Clinical Skills that Improve Client Outcomes. They bring career-long experience in clinical training, motivational interviewing, and treatment process and outcome research.



"Being Someone Good To Talk To" -  A 3-hour virtual professional development workshop with Dr. David Rosengren

7 June 2024

Being “Someone Good To Talk To” is something many of us aspire to be--in life and practice. While skill practice with feedback is helpful, it is also important to understand why certain practices are helpful and what makes them beneficial. This continuing education topic deepens understanding and develops skillfulness by using the Inside-Out method (Rosengren et al., 2024), based on the Personal Practice Model (Bennett-Levy & Haarhoff, 2019). We will also use Helen Mentha’s 2021 book, Someone Good to Talk To, as an organizing focus. This session employs discussion, brief didactics, demonstration, debriefing, skill practice, and extended self-practice and self-reflection to deepen understanding of how practitioner behaviors impact us personally and then apply this to our treatment and prevention work. This 3-hr session will focus on interpersonal and communication skills, which research has demonstrated make a difference in client outcomes (Miller & Moyers, 2021).



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