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Motivational Interviewing trainer / Physical Therapist / MA Psychology / author
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About Me

Being engaged with the theme’s of behavioral change and communication skills I facilitated workshops for physical therapists for more than 15 years since 1996. In 2009 I became familiair with Miller & Rollnick’s book ‘Motivational Interviewing’. It changed my view on behavioral change drastically.  Also did it change the way I was helping people.  And finally it helped me to improve my skills as a teacher/trainer.  Althought that took some time…..

I am Physiotherapist (1989) and Manual Therapist (1994). In 2006 I graduated as MA in Psychology.  

As a practitioner physio/manual therapist I have focused since 2012 on patients with persistent musculoskeletal pain like back pain, neck pain (whiplash) and headache. Motivation is a challenging issue in this population. 

In 2016 I finished my (dutch!) book on communication skills for physical therapist. I’m very delighted to see that the topic of engaging en communicating with clients by physical therapist is becoming more and more relevant! In 2021 I published the second Dutch edition of this book. Elsevier published the book in English. So 'Communication skills for physiotherapists' is now available for everyone.

Since 2012 I’ve been providing my activities as trainer / teacher in more divers contexts. Nowadays I work in healthcare (docters, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, nurses), social work and safety behavior in industries and healthcare.

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Mental Health
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As a MI trainer / teacher I enjoy the variety of contexts in which I am providing my services. Every time I see people making progress in communicating with others it gives me a thrill.  

Professional communication skills do make ‘the’ difference. The human contact and relation, empathic understandig, respectfully focussing to solve a problem and building trust and motivation; it is the ‘core’ of almost every professional contexts. Helping professionals in improving their communication skills is one of the best things for me to do!

Visit and contact me at Linkedin, at my company website or at my website’s about motivational interviewing / (in dutch) motiverende gespreksvoering. Communication in physiotherapy is the theme of my twitter account and blog.

Hope to hear from you! Vincent

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Health professionals, Physical therapists, Manual Therapists, Pain-management
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