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Psychiatric social worker / Suicide Postvention / Bereavement care / A member of Suicide-loss survivors group in my Catholic church / A member of AAS (American Association of Suicidology) / Photographer
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Yoshiki Aoki
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Chiyoda-ku, Koujimachi 6-5-1 Tokyo
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Roman Catholic St.Ignatius Church
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Yoshiki Aoki  Last Update on May 25th, 2022.

He has been practicing MI for the suicide survivor group in my Catholic Church as a non-profit psychiatric social worker who lost his mother by suicide on August 28th in 2001. Bereavement care for suicide-loss survivors is deeply important to him on both a professional level and personally, as the literature and his experience in this arena confirm we can guide the bereaved toward re-adaptive behaviors in their future. He has also had the opportunity to present and co-present at conferences on the related topic: “Self-Disclosure of Suicide-Loss Survivors” (MINT Forum in 2017-2021). After the presentation of the MINT Forum in Dublin 2017, he founded a team MIBC (Motivational Interviewing for Bereavement Care).

In 2018, in New Orleans MINT Forum, after providing his related presentation that is cooperated with other members who live in Bulgaria and the USA, Bill Miller suggested to him the field of postvention bereavement care and MI would be related to Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) with additional research being needed. Also through personal interaction with Bill after that, those interactions and conversations spurred him to connect with other interested colleagues and continue to research how the use of MI in suicide-loss survivors' groups and in clinical setting can lend to cultivating re-adaptive behaviors. Over 2018, colleagues Kathlynn Northrup-Snyder, Jodi Startup, and  other MIBC members have developed the workshop from a paper we look to publish to contribute to the field of MI and PTG. The MIBC members are including those who are belonging outside the organization of MINT see this application of MI as one of the effective approaches for supporting the bereaved.

In 2019, in Tallinn MINT Forum, MIBC provided more expanded workshops of the above. After that, Bill and he could talk with during walking in the city of Tallinn in person. Then, they exchanged our perspectives that are including my specific research questions that MIBC should try to proceed for the future.

In 2021, in MINT Forum Virtual, they also provided a workshop in line with the contents of our paper that they try to publish in the future.  

If you are interested in this field, please join their Facebook group which can be found at the following address :

The official homepage of our team https://mibc.carrd.co/

Motivational Interviewing for Bereavement Care   https://www.facebook.com/groups/365610187550986/

Also, another key professional interest for him is being an active part of a group of official photographers in my church.  This work involves taking photos of weddings, landscapes, snapshots, and Masses under the special permission of the Catholic Church. Photography for him is a way to communicate which can overcome language barriers, and promote social inclusion. If you would like commemorative photos while here at MINT please call him at the PSF counter to arrange a time. 

You can see his bio in detail from the following link. He made a presentation about himself at MINT Forum in Dublin 2017. https://1drv.ms/b/s!Ap6eHuhWRJldkDeK4N68cAgIZ4EY  And, you also read thier inventory of presentations that MIBC provided in MINT Forum @Tallinn 2019. https://teammibc-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/admin_teammibc_onmicrosoft_com/EUarXrkwLQRLshn5tEMQzGsBNWaSdbRDiaLQeiDpR5s4Tg?e=AX85MZ

After that too, he also have been provifding various presentations for MI practitioners and other who are intereseted in this academic field.

The growth as a private researcher in line with his biographies based on his own experiences as a suicide-loss survivor is as follows.

1994-         Started working as a general clerk for the City Office of Tokyo. (18y/o)

                  Most of my career as a general clerk was brushed with my experiences at the counters, telephone skills, and budget planning. 

                  The main experienced divisions were, Information System Division, Preparing Care Insurance Division, Child and Family Welfare Division, Branch Offices, and Health Care Center.  

1994           Experienced staying in a private home based on the spirituality and deeply human love for about 4 days in Arizona, USA

1999     B.A., Economics, Tokyo Keizai University, Evening Division 2 

2001.8.28.  Lost my mother by suicide. (25y/o)

2008     I was diagnosed with PTSD. 

2010-         Started participating in a suicide-loss survivors group that St.Ignatius Church In Tokyo provides. (From the middle term, as a staff. Currently, it is inactive by COVID-19.) / As a private photographer started photo services for my Catholic church.

2013-         Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW: Japanese national qualification)

2013.8.27.  Accomplished a non-degree course "The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness" Univ. Tronto via Coursera. I selected this course because the contents are necessary to the actual activities of PSW.

2014-2015  Responsible for partial translation of TNT Japanese manual 2015 

2015-         MINT member / Started a MI learners group with other Japanese members for my local area 

2016.1        Provided a presentation at MINF (Motivational Interviewing Network of Facilitators) @ Yokohama

2016           Explored graduate school. Found it difficult to pay tuition with general office income and lack of workplace understanding regarding commuting to school. Abandoned pursuit of psychology.

2016.2-       Starting to participate in the MI learners group (MMiC) to discuss training methods, and to start to provide actual pieces of training.

2016.4-       Starting to participate in the group of translators for REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy)

2016.8        Experience staying in a private home based on spirituality and deeply human love for about 4 days in Minnesota, USA 

2017.1        Provided a presentation at MINF (Motivational Interviewing Network of Facilitators) @ Nagoya

2017.3        Provided a presentation at JAMI (Japan Association of Motivational Interviewing) 

2017.10.6   Provided a presentation at MINT Forum @ Dublin, 2017 / Founding a team MIBC (Motivational Interviewing for Bereavement Care)

2017-2019  Facilitator of workshops related to MI at various academic conferences around Japan. 

2018.1        Provided a presentation at MINF (Motivational Interviewing Network of Facilitators) @ Yokohama

2018.11.3.  Provided a presentation at MINT Forum @ New Orleans, 2018 (with other members from the USA and Bulgaria) 

                  Provided photo services for PSF. 

2019.2-      Started MIBC meetings regularly with members via ZOOM. 

2019.9.28.  Provided a workshop at MINT Forum with MIBC members@ Tallinn, 2019 "How can MI promote Self-Disclosure of suicide survivors?" 

                  Provided photo services for PSF. 

2019.11.7.  Provided an extension lecture of grief care institute at Sophia University, Tokyo

2019.12.22.- AAS (American Association of Suicidology) member

2020.6.13., 2020.6.18.,2020.6.20., Attended AAS professional sessions.  

2020.9.15. Attended MINT Board of Directors Listening Session #1

2020.9.21. Translated an English guideline of  "What to do if a Patient Dies by Suicide: Guidelines for Professionals"  to Japanese that QPR provided on their homepage.

2020.10.3. Attended a course that AAS provided "The TAPS three-phase Postvention Model: A Roadmap Towards Post Traumatic Growth"

2021.1.23. Provided a slot of "Conversation Cafe" @ MINT Forum online. 

2021.1.25. Provided a workshop for MINT Forum with MIBC members. The title was "Readaption After Loss; Building Social Inclusion and Post-Traumatic Growth Using an MI Lens"

2021.2.13.-14.; 2.20.-21. Attended REBT international conference.

2021.4. & 5.  Attended AAS conference slots.

2021.6.5. Started participating in MI peer learners group with abroad practitioners.

2021.6.6. Started providing an abstract reading session of the book "Effective Psychotherapists" in the English version. (With a Japanese MI learners small group)  

2021.6.13. Attended "Healing After Suicide Loss Conference 2021"

2021.7.10.  Attended a slot about CPTSD & Schema therapy in The 18th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for the Study of Depression & The 21st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Cognitive Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 

2021.7.22-23  Participated in MINT Around The Clock (As a presenter with Heather Lynch, on July 22, we provided a workshop.)

2021.7.24-25  Participated AAS conference slots including "Planning for Safety and Post-traumatic Growth".  

2021.9.9.    Accomplished a QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Program in the USA.  

2021.9.22.  Provided a presentation and works "Learning to Grieve; You can do it too, What is Postvention for Suicide?" for the Japanese Industrial Counselor's learner's group.

2021.9.23.  Participated in a webinar "Wounded Healers: Trauma Impact and Self-Care" that Safer Society Press provided.

2021.9.23-  Started to participate in the meetings of the MIAC committee (MI across the cultures).

2021.10.9.  Accomplished a non-degree course "Psychological First Aid" at Johns Hopkins University via Coursera. I selected this course because "PFA" is related to PTG deeply that our team MIBC is proceeding with research activities.

2021.10.12-14.  Participated in the "Oregon Suicide Prevention Conference 2021". I could expand my perspectives via interactions with presenters by questions based on my own experiences as a suicide loss survivor who became a PSW.

2021.10.26.  Became a candidate of the Board of MINT Directors. For promoting social inclusion, I will try to bring realistic voices and thoughts that are based on our daily lives toward the next generations of the Board.

2021.11.13.  Provided a small session of Information exchange meeting on AI services for Japanese MI practitioners. 

2021.11.19.  Provided a slot about social inclusion with MIAC members for the plenary session on MINT Virtual Forum.

2021.11.19.  Accomplished the fundamental course that was National Institute of Mental Health, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry provided as specialized training in PTSD countermeasures.

2021.11.27.  Completed "Training for staff members of the Online Sharing Group for suicide-loss survivors" which is held by Japan Suicide Countermeasures Promotion Center (JSCP)

2021.12.2.    I was selected as a MINT Board member (2022-2025) based on the election. 

2021.12.4.    Achieved a training of a webinar that the Safer Society office & David Prescott provided, "Complex Trauma: Boundaries and Ethics".

2021.12.11.  Our team MIBC submitted a Paper Draft to a journal. The meetings that we had been had constantly every month will be held in line with the responses from the journal for a while.

2021.12.16-17.  Accomplished the application course that was National Institute of Mental Health, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry provided as specialized training in PTSD countermeasures.

2021.12.17.  Accomplished Stress, Trauma, and Resilience Training (December) Webinar training that Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) provided.

2021.12.31.  Provided a MI learning session for Japanese MI practitioners/learners including MINT members by using Bill Miller's presentation on the MINT Virtual Forum 2.0, which was transcripted by Otter AI and using DeepL translator. 

2022.1.29.   Completed "Training of the online sharing groups for the suicide-loss survivors of the youth ages." which is held by the Japan Suicide Countermeasures Promotion Center (JSCP)

2022.3.12.   Provided a presentation and opportunities to discuss at the JAMI (Japan Association of Motivational Interviewing). The title was "How to promote social inclusion? - With the background & the actual attempts to use AI services to beyond the languages."

2022.4.28-29  Attended to AAS(American Association of Suidology) annual conferences' slots via online. 

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Mental Health
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suicide postvention / bereavement care / meditation / pastoral care / spiritual care / catharsis / self-disclosure / PTG / TIC / PTSD treatment
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