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Inderbitzen LCSW
Clinical Consultant and BH therapist
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As you are exploring the many and vast talented motivational interviewing trainers available to you, somehow you stumbled on to my page. My expertise primarily lies in the application of Motivational Interviewing to: 1. Developmental Disabilities, and 2. Interdisciplinary Teams in Healthcare. Come May of 2023, I will have my doctorate from Tulane School of Social Work. I have been a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers since 2020, and am mentored by such greats as Dr. Stephen Porges. My clinical expertise in the areas of polyvagal theory and autism, allow me to help teams apply Motivational Interviewing in ways one might not traditionally view mental health. Traditionally there is a divide between developmental disability services, and psychiatric disorders. However from a polyvagal lens one can apply Motivational Interviewing to both of these areas simultaneously. By reframing autistic individuals as having a mental health conditions it is an easier jump for mental health clinicians to make the jump to service to them through Motivational Interviewing, and thus in turn reducing a huge health care access disparity.  

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Sean Inderbitzen LCSW primarily provides trainings to Certified Community Based Health Centers for motivational interviewing. In addition to teaching MI, he is writing a book for W.W. Norton on the application of Motivational Interviewing in psychotherapeutic treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder through a Polyvagal Lens. He regularly collaborates on research and training with such institutions as Mayo Clinic Health System, and the Polyvagal Institute. 

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autism, certified community behavioral health clinics
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