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I first became spellbound by MI in 2011 and I am currently a Motivational Interviewing Trainer in Learning and Development. I work at an organization that uses MI as its company-wide communication style, so I live and breathe MI daily - it is quite literally my job. I train on topics ranging from the basic “what is MI” to the mechanics and skills of MI, to high level subtle-yet-imperative intricacies of having people-centered conversations. I have trained those who are new to MI, those who have dabbled some in MI, to those who are wizards in MI. I have a keen knowledge of MI in some specific arenas - teens and sexuality, elderly and dementia-related decisions, cardiac health, smoking cessation, medical planning - and I can also help you decipher how MI can be useful in your setting as well, no matter the topic or population. If you’re looking to enhance communication, ignite empowerment, guide behavior change, or approach ambivalence in any human service capacity, you have a space for MI! 

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I am known for my passion and adoration for MI. I have a very relatable and down-to-earth way of explaining MI concepts and skills, in addition to purposes for said concepts (I'm a "but why?" kind of individual so I tend to offer those explanations). I believe strongly in the spirit of MI, and the compassion and empowerment it can ignite in behavior change and ambivalence, and the ways in which it can deflate heated circumstances. I train under the lens of the MI spirit, meaning, I believe you - the professional- are the expert in your field. I'm simply here to offer ways to enhance your communication so that you have additional tools to empower and guide those with whom you work. 

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I would love to partner with any person or organization that is interested in learning an evidence-based communication style aimed to empower clients/patients/participants/whomever.
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