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I currently work at the University of Texas at El Paso, as Field Supervisor and Training Coordinator, in several projects implementing Screening and Brief Intervention in different community settings, in El Paso and in Juarez, Mexico.

I have also worked at the Autonomous University of Juárez, in Juárez, Chih. MEXICO for the past 11 and a half years, responsible for the Center of Psychological Services, where I have trained and supervised psychology students during their practicum. I have also taught psychological interviewing for undergraduates, incorporating MI as part of the class curriculum.

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I had the honor of studying directly with Dr. William Miller while attending the University of New Mexico. 

My skills as a trainer are also due to the excellent mentorship of Dr.Carolina Yahne. 

Since 2001, after my TNT training in Italy, I have been conducting basic MI trainings at least once a year, in the addictions field, and collaborating with major universities in Mexico in applying MI in the promotion of healthier habits related to diabetes and nutrition.

In October 2008, I had the honor of being invited as a trainer for trainers at the TNT in Albuquerque, NM, with Dr. Carolina Yahne.

I have also been teaching MI as part of a psychological interviewing class for undergraduates since 2005, which is still one of my major goals: to keep promoting training in MI as part of undergraduate psychological training.

From 2010 to 2012, I worked as Spanish speaking supervisor in a NIDA founded project to promote dental health in minors, which is similar to other projects I have collaborated with in the U.S. in previous years, as translator, trainer, coder and supervisor.

In September 2013, I attended an advanced MI training with Dr. Miller and Dr. Moyers as a way to get more familiar with the 3rd edition updates, and in preparation for a training I did in October for the mayor in-patient addictions treatment facility in Mexico.

In October 2014, I also had the privilege of being invited by Dr. Carolina Yahne to present a workshop in Spanish with her, at the annual MINT Forum in Atlanta, GA.

 I have always felt honored that I got the opportunity to be trained directly by Dr. Miller, Dr.Yahne and Dr. Moyers, who are true models of what MI is professionally, but also as a way of being in general. 

I also have the privilege of remaining in contact with the three of them, and for being able to count them as really good mentors and friends. 

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Being part of this community, sharing MI and making it more available in my country keeps being part of my professional life and personal aspirations.
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