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Social worker
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Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Québec
quebec city
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I'm a social worker and i work in a psychiatric hospital in a medico-legal unit. From the start, I felt that I found an approach that resembled what I wanted and I felt in the intervention empathy, kindness, the client being at the center, and thinking that resistance was not a characteristic of the client. Therefore, I studied and applied MI in my clinical practice. I completed a Master’s degree in clinical intervention for substance users. In this program, MI is recommend and used in the courses. I now use MI each day with my clients, colleagues or trainees. I’m a doctorate student now and the subject of my Ph.D. is about MI with the family. 
In a psychiatric hospital environment, we have a clientele who often has many changes to make: healthy living habits, taking medication, following treatments, consumption of drugs/alcohol, change in living environment, etc. Our goals are to help our clients to get out of their current crisis and help them to stay outside of our walls in a stable and healthy way with a good quality of life. MI allows starting with what makes sense to the client in order to put him/her at the center of the changes. In the last few years, as a trainer, I have discovered an approach that allows me to reach to all members of an organization (from the nurse to the doctor) by using everyone’s empathy and caring and by avoiding seeing the client as resistant to our demands
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Criminal Justice
Mental Health
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I completed various training and wanted to share the MI with others. Along with this training, my field of studies for my Master’s was on the learning of motivational maintenance and how a clinician can take part in it. I am interested in the best learning modalities and in the integration of this practice in organizations. As well, I shared my research results during the ICMI-2014. 
At my hospital, I work on a three-year project with a team to train the entire professional staff hired to work with the clients (~500 persons). My work consists of helping the ten persons trained and developing the training materials in French, developing videos and examples in French, giving information to the professional staff, and participating in the implantation. I have to give training and supervise.
I give formation and supervision in private and in the university to share the MI with other clinician.
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Addiction, mental health, education and justice problem.
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