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Most importantly Jon and partner Jennifer have celebrated 29 years together! Jennifer is the Assistant Director of Early Childhood at the University of Cincinnati and former children’s librarian and school teacher. Jon and Jennifer have two children; Jalen, a graduate from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in Viola performance; and Jordan, who attends Western Kentucky University and studies archeology and anthropology. Above everything, Jon holds his family in the highest regard.

A long time Early Childhood Special Educator and public school advocate, Jon began teaching in 1987 providing special education services for families with young children. During the 90’s Jon coordinated child find activities, early childhood and family literacy programs in northern Colorado. In 2000 the family moved to Louisville where he served as a Senior Training Specialist and Program Manager for Design and Development at the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL). In 2003 Jon accepted a faculty position at Bellarmine University and in 2007 moved to the University of Louisville in order to focus his work on issues relating to the families impact on very young children’s literacy development, and young children's social, emotional, and behavioral adjustment to school. Jon continues to consult regularly with a wide variety of national and regional literacy organizations. However, his research interests over the past ten years have focused on the transportation of motivational interviewing to school and educational settings. This work has included the development of training and assessment systems that are contextualized for authentic educational settings, including; schools, post secondary institutions, infant and early childhood home visitation programs. His current work involves the use of MI with parents and teachers of young children whose challenged emotional and behavioral adjustment to school manifest in serious behavior challenges at home and in the classroom.

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I am an Assistant Professor of early childhood education at the University of Cincinnati and have held appointments in the schools of education at Bellarmine University, and the University of Louisville. I have had the privilege of working with a highly productive educational research team over the past ten years. My scholarly work with this team (from the Universities of Oregon, Louisville, South Florida, and the Oregon Research Institute) has afforded me a significant amount of experience in the use of motivational interviewing in school-based applications with teachers and parents. After becoming a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) in 2012, I've applied these skills in the development and innovation of multiple lines of inquiry, while being supported and mentored by the investigative team mentioned above and my new colleagues here at the University of Cincinnati. I am currently interested in:

a) The use of motivational interviewing with classroom teachers, and have adapted the work of Reinke, Lewis-Palmer, & Merrell (2008) to create the First Step Classroom Check-up.

Frey, A.J., Walker, H., Seeley, J., Lee, J., Small, J., Golly, A., & Feil, E. (2013). First Step Classroom Check-up Resource Manual. University of Louisville: Kent School of Social Work.

b) Motivational interviewing training and support for school personnel. In working with Dr. Andy Frey’s team at the University of Louisville, we have created a training and support module for school personnel that is currently being tested; and,

c) The adaptation of existing measures of motivational interviewing quality for use in school-based application, including adapted versions of the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI 4.2) code (Moyers, Manuel, & Ernst, 2014), the Video Assessment of Simulated Encounters (Rosengren, Baer, Hartzler, Dunn, & Wells, 2005), and the Helpful Response Questionnaire (Miller, Hedrick, & Orlofsky, 1991). These measures have are currently being utilized by a number of practitioners across the country and a data-base of results is being constructed for psychometric purposes.

Lee, J., Frey, A.J., & Small, J.W. (2013). The Video Assessment of Simulated Encounters – School-Based Applications. University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, OH.  

Lee, J., Small, J.W., & Frey, A.J. (2013). Written Assessment of Simulated Encounters- School-Based Application. University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, OH.



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