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The first time in 2009 I was attended basic training in motivational interviewing, which gave me a deeper interest in motivational interviewing. The first trainer course I passed in 2011 and my trainers were Lucy E. Jones, Mark C. Farall and Inga Karton, who is also my supervisor.

In 2002 I graduated Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and the speciality was college of the Justice. In 2004 I attained Master´s degree in Political Science and Public Administration speciality.

In 2002 I work in Tallinn Prison and Probation Service. Every day I use my MI skills and knowledge’s. So, I feel MI is very useful skill every day.

From 2011 I had made in the prison system the basic motivational interviewing training for prison and probation officers.

Since August of 2011 I am a member of Estonian Motivational Interviewing Trainers Association (EMITA). Also I had made the basic MI  trainings for the social workers; psychologists; rehabilitation professionals and rehabilitation instructors; employment specialists.

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