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University of California San Diego
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5207 Mount Alifan Drive
San Diego
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United States
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1 858 699 3809

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About Me

Igor Koutsenok, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, University of California San Diego, United States. Former Director of Prevention and Treatment Branch, United Nation Office of Drugs and Crime, Vienna (2013-2016).  I am a psychiatrist (MD) with subspecialty in addicition psychiatry.  I am a clinician and a teacher. I completed my TNT in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2008. I was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, lived 14 years in Bulgaria, graduated from the University of London, St. George's Hospital Medical School, and for the last 16 years I live in San Diego, California. Moving from one place to another gave me the opportunity to learn unique communication styles and traditions of cultures I didn't know much about. I have learned how people differ, and what we have in common. I also had to learn how to speak foreign languages not just properly, but culturally adequately, so I will not unintentionally say anything offensive. This experience gave me the skill of thinking before opening my mouth-a quite important skill in general and very relevant to MI as well. In the last several years I had a pleasure of training groups in more than 25 countries around the world.  I authored and co-authored over 50 publications and book chapters, most relevant and recent are below: 1. Deitch, D., Koutsenok, I. and Marsolais, K., (2004) Education and Training of Clinical Personnel, In.: Lowinson, J., Ruiz, P., Millman, R., & Langrod, J. (Eds.) Substance Abuse, A Comprehensive Textbook, IV-th Edition, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 1286-1300. 2. Koutsenok, I., Deitch, D., Marsolais, K., Franc, M. (2004) Enhancing Substance Abuse Treatment Skills in Correctional Settings. In Knight, K., & Farabee, D. (Eds.), Treating addicted offenders: A continuum of opportunities. New York: Civic Research Institute, 38.1 – 38.10. 3. Hohman, M., Koutsenok, I. (2008) 40 Trainers, 132 Trainings and 2100 Trainees – Development of the Cal-METRO Project”, Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers Bulletin, Volume 14. 4. Doran, N. M., Hohman, M., & Koutsenok, I. (In press). Motivational Interviewing training in juvenile corrections: A comparison of outside experts and internal trainers. Legal and Criminological Psychology. 5. Hohman, M., Doran, N., & Koutsenok, I. (2009) Motivational interviewing training for juvenile corrections staff in California: One year initial outcomes. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 48, 635-648. 6. Koutsenok, I., McClure, S.; (2010) Motivational Interviewing Working with Teens. A Training Manual (in collaboration with the San Diego County Child Welfare Services). 7. Doran, N., Hohman, M., Koutsenok. I. (2011).Linking Basic and Advanced Motivational Interviewing Training Outcomes for Juvenile Correctional Staff in California, Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, Special Issue “Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in the Treatment of Criminal Justice-Involved Clients”. 8. Koutsenok, I., (2012), Motivational Interviewing, In: McQuistion, H., Sowers, W., Ranz, J., Feldman, J.M. (Eds), Handbook of Community Psychiatry, Springer, New York; 201-211. 9. Lowenkamp, C., Koutsenok, I., Lowenkamp, M., (2012) Integrated Behavioral Interventions Strategies Manual for Community Corrections. 10. Lowenkamp, M., Robinson, C., Koutsenok, I., Lowenkamp, C. (2012) The Importance of Coaching: A Brief Survey of Probation Officers. Federal Probation, September 2012, 36-41. I am married and a proud father of three. Hope to see you soon.

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Introductory Training
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Criminal Justice
Mental Health
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There is no teaching, only learning

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substance abuse, criminal justice, mental health, organizational development
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