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Social Services (Substance Use Disorders, Mental Health and Health Care)
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GBS Northwest
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2230 Erie St
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United States
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About Me

I am the owner of GBS Northwest and former Research Associate with the Northwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center. My recent job was as Lead Health Analyst with Skagit County Public Health. My current role is providing technical assistance and training to the behavioral health workforce. Present work includes: Care Management, Recovery Oriented Systems of Care, Motivational Interviewing, Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment, and supporting the workforce with Health Care Integration. I previously worked as Youth Treatment Project Manager for the Washington Division of Behavior Health Recovery and led a three-year project sponsored by SAMHSA to assess the statewide youth substance abuse treatment system and develop a strategic plan. I have directed several youth treatment agencies, worked as a School Administrator and managed a complex multisite Tribal mental health agency. I have provided training and TA to people who work populations in school systems, dental offices, medical settings, with homeless population, public health, child and maternal health and behavioral health providers.

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Introductory Training
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Mental Health
Organisational Change
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I have been providing a range of MI trainings for the last 8 years and a regular student of change. I make adaptations every time I learn something new from a participant or a colleague. I have rarely presented the same material twice. My audience varies from entry level social service practitioners to advanced professionals like MD’s and PhD’s.  I strive to provide content and examples that are relevant to the audience members. I rely on participation and interaction as a central mode of teaching and always volunteers to do skill demonstrations.  I have many goals for the training but two of them are; for members to walk away with usable and understandable skills, and to feel like their time was used wisely.   

I als provide trainings on Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment. 

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MI Introduction, Advanced, Coaching, Supervision and SBIRT
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