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Fazzio Consulting, LLC.
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1902 Bluebonnet Drive
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United States
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About Me

      I began my career with Juvenile justice in 1990 with the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) where I was employed in a residential work-study camp in Florence, Oregon.  For the next six years, I created and conducted various training groups such as Interpersonal Communications class, and Alcohol and Drugs classes.

      In 1996, I was promoted to Assistant Treatment Manager in a sex offender unit at a Close Custody 100-bed Juvenile Facility in Albany, Oregon. There, working with Psychologists and treatment providers, I conducted sex offender treatment groups,  Interpersonal Communication classes and Alcohol and Drug classes. I also developed curriculum based on the application of Music and other creative arts to enhance youth motivation in education. I was successful in gaining approval from the Oregon Department of Education for this specialized curriculum.

      I was promoted to Statewide Trainer for the Oregon Juvenile Justice Training Academy in 1999, and began to develop training that addressed youth behavior instead of past crimes.  I was also the central district liaison for the Academy and trained Correctional Officers, Parole Officers, Mental Health Professionals, Treatment Managers, Supervisors, Chiefs, Directors, Psychologists, Nurses, Teachers and other juvenile justice-related personnel and facilities.

      I have trained Sex Offender Tactics and Behaviors, CPR, First Aid, Conflict Resolution, Boundaries and Ethics in the Workplace, Defensive Tactics, Take Down and Control Holds, Personal Defense, Soft Restraints, Hard Restraints, and Transportation of Dangerous Youths, Cognitive Behavior Treatment, Motivational Interviewing, Evidence Based Curriculums, and various juvenile and adult assessment and software trainings. I have also managed and supervised the Instructors Development Training which is a statewide training that develops future trainers in a week-long curriculum for the state of Oregon. 

      In Oregon, as a Training Specialist, I was responsible for conducting statewide trainings for all Juvenile Correctional Officers in Cognitive Behavior Therapy treatment, and the OYA Risk Needs Assessment implementation, which I facilitated with an outside company.

      I joined with a company in 2004 as a sub contractor and have trained Motivational Interviewing and various assessment instruments in California, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Kansas, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Idaho and Utah to both adult and juvenile agencies. In early 2007, I completed training of all 1,800 juvenile probation officers and associates in Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice in Motivational Interviewing, the PACT (Positive Achievement Change Tool) and the YES (Youth Empowered Success) Case Plan, (software and educational driven assessment trainings). I also developed a version of that training curricula for use in the Pat Thomas Training Academy for future juvenile probation officers in Florida.

      I am a certified STATIC-99 trainer, I have trained Northern California’s new “Northern California Probation Consortium” in the use of motivational interviewing and the PACT Assessments and case plans. Which is comprised of 17 separate counties all coming together using skills and technique that are proven to work with youth and adults. I have trained all of Tarrant county, (Dallas, Fort Worth) Texas in the use of motivational interviewing skills for their department as well as training TYC, “Texas Youth Commission”,(now named, TJJD, "Texas Juvenile Justice Department"),  in and out of their facilities the skills of motivational interviewing for their line staff  and all of their Case Workers at all of their facilities around the state. I continue to travel around the country training specialized curriculums pertaining to mainly communications and rehabilitations of clients through various Evidence Based as well as “out of the box ways” of training. I am currently specializing in utilizing motivational interviewing trainings for the school systems around the state to increase responsivity between teachers and students early on to establish healthy, pro social, strength based role modeling for their futures. This would support the ongoing concern with youth's core attitudes and behaviors which contribute to bullying and gangs within the school systems, as well as the home. Recently, 2011 to present,  I have been working with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington DC, developing and training various agencies around the country in these curriculum's.

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Criminal Justice
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My mission statement is simple:

"We are here to save children and families through effective communications."

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I have been training around the country for about 14 years now primarily training MI and related fields with all areas of public and private school systems, mental health and the criminal justice system .
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