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LIVE STREAMING:  Advanced Motivational Interviewing

Enhance your communication skills in this active learning class. Working from an Evidence-Based Practice perspective, the training will be tailored to the participants to build up practical skills that can be applied immediately.  We will focus on the 4 processes of Motivational Interviewing which will help you better engage your clients, reduce stress and burnout, and facilitate patients owning their own change process. Includes a BONUS: Post training support through our online membership.  Find practice worksheets, skill building videos and access a monthly live webcast to ask questions from the IFIOC team.

Included in this course:

  • 10 hours of Online Training
  • Worksheets and handouts to practice learned skills
  • Continuing Education Credits (ASWB)

*BONUS:  MI Plus+ 7 day trial - Post training support through our online community.  Find micro-courses, live monthly (training & Q & A) events and a Motivational Interviewing library filled with skill building worksheets, videos and more.

This class can fill up fast.  Reserve your spot today!

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LIVE STREAMING: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
4 Dec 2023 - 9:01am
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