"What is This?" A manual to explain MITI feedback to clients


Hello MINTie buddies:

I have been meaning to do this for years as Terri Moyers had a really great one and though I wanted to plagiarize it (it is that good), I fear getting busted.  This down-to-earth document is emailed with the MITI coding results prior to the telephonic coaching call.  Practitioners are asked to look at their numbers and read the manual.  They are also asked to listen to the 20 minutes coded prior to the call.  As a result, they have already started putting the dots together and it is not traumatic for either practitioner or coach.

If you have suggestions, please let me know.  You all know I write in a non-academic way, and I was able to develop some metaphors about the Global Ratings that may or may not be correct.

I hope you like it.  Please honest (though not brutal) feedback is truly desired!


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