West Chester, PA USA Introductory, Level 2

Build on level 1 skills with this experiential workshop which includes updated concepts from the 3rd edition of Motivational Interviewing, Helping People Change (Miller and Rollnick)

  • The 4 processes: Using core skills to engage, focus, evoke and plan
  • Enhancing the spirit of MI
  • Listening and responding to change talk and sustain talk
  • Reflections: moving from simple to complex
  • Structuring feedback and advice the MI way
  • Experiential opportunities to try it all out.

    Group size capped at 20. Attendees should be familiar with core skills (OARS) and fundamentals of the MI spirit. This workshop can be combined with level 1 for attendees working with brief interventions related to alcohol and cannabis (BASICS) in higher education.

Time: 8:45-4:00
Cost: $90 with a limited number of spaces for graduate students at $45

West Chester, PA (Philly area)
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Introduction to MI with option of 1 or 2 days
27 Sep 2019 - 8:45am
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