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Suzanne (Sue)
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EckMaahs & Associates Training & Consulting, LLC
St. Paul, MN
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United States
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I am very fortunate to have worked in human services for over 20 years and to have begun my work with Motivational Interviewing back in the early 90's. I have been amazed at the extent of human potential and change I've seen using this modality and helping others to learn it; especially as I encounter individuals and agencies who are true pioneers in "change-agentry" and have a genuine desire to give the best possibly service and experience to thier clientele. I began my work in corrections, which provided rich experience for application across many client populations. I have since worked extensively with professionals from the fields of primary care, public/community health, mental and chemical health, and vocational and educational services.  I was honored to be selected as a trainer of MINT trainers in 2010 and 2018.  I provide all levels of training and specialize in helping learners reach MI proficients.  I am a trainer of the MITI 4.2.1. coding tool.  My passion and greatest expertise lies in helping organizations  implement MI in such a way that pracitioners can reach MI proficiency and make a diffence with thier clients/patients (versus learning the 'basics', yet not receive enough trainng/coaching to be able to utilize it effectively.)   As such I am skills in  mentoring people to proficiency such as to become internal MI coaches or champions.  Much of my work is done on a contract basis directly serving agencies and customizing the training to thier needs.  I also offer public workshops quite often, and am always interested in finding agencies to serve as a 'host' for such events.  Please contact me directly so I might learn about your MI training needs and ideas. 

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Introductory Training
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Criminal Justice
Mental Health
Organisational Change
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Training for trainers/coaches, MI in groups, MITI 4.21, MI in work with formerly incarcerated individuals, MI in Public Health/End of Life decisions, Mental and Chemical Health, Corrections, Primary Care
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