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MI Trainer-Coach | E-learning development | MINT Certified Trainer
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Centre for Motivation and Change
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Bachlaan 49
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1817 GH
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+31 72 7850015
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+31 6 53391328

More About Me

About Me

The Training for New Trainers I've attended was the 1995 one in Sta. Margherita, Italy. That makes me one of the more 'seasoned' members of MINT, and I have learned a lot as active member of this organization over these years.

In 1997 I founded (together with Prof. Stephen Rollnick) the foundation Centre for Motivation and Change (www.motivationalinterview.nl) and facilitated many hundreds of workshops and projects, in many areas and in many countries and cultures across the globe.

From 2008 - 2015 I have been actively involved in the organization of the ICMI (International Conference on Motivational Interviewing) biannual events, in which the current state of research into MI was shared and discussed with other researchers, practitioners and trainers.

After being a member of MINT's global management (Steering Committee) 1999 - 2007, and a Director Emeritus to the Board of Directors 2008 - 2014, I now support the organization in less 'visible' roles, like videotaping the plenaries of the MINT Forum (early 2010's), being a MINT Inc supported TNT lead trainer (lastly in Copenhagen, 2023) and in the role of TNT co-trainer and training-support application reviewer for the 2016 TNT in Montreal (Canada), the TNT 2017 in Malahide (Ireland), the 2018 TNT in New Orleans (USA), the 2019 TNT in Tallinn (Estonia) and the 2022 TNT in Chicago (USA). Besides that, I am also one of the reviewers for people who apply to participate in these TNTs.

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Introductory Training
Intermediate training
Advanced training
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Criminal Justice
Mental Health
Organisational Change
Trainer Statement

As a MI trainer & coach I am enjoying the variety of contexts and formats in which I have been - and still am! - providing my services.

Coaching individuals and teams in becoming even better in MI than they already were and reaching the maximum of their potential and proficiency, or assisting specialized (medical) practitioners in improving their communication skills to be able to become an even more effective - and MI consistent - specialist for their clients and patients.

Hands-on interactive multi-day workshops, individual or group coaching, brief 'traditional' lectures/presentations for larger audiences, webinars, Zoom-coaching and hybrid eLearning can all be formats which are useful for some, at some point.

Besides all of this, I lately am focussing on blended learning; a tailor-made mix of face-to-face and interactive, electronically facilitated ongoing learning projects. Please contact me if you want to discuss the options and possibilities for yourself and/or your organization.

For Dutch language visitors: click here for one of my recent large-audience presentations. 1500+ pharmacists listened while I presented on 'From Adherence to Shared Decision Making; an MI perspective'.  Dutchies & all others: visit and contact me at LinkedIn and/or FaceBook.

See you soon! Rik

Training Interests
MI in health care consultations, ranging from primary care (family medicine, pharmacy, dentistry) via specialized care (addiction care, lifestyle) to chronic care management (dermatology, rheumatology, neurology, cardiovascular risk management, MS).
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