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The introduction to Motivational Interviewing workshop is a hands-on 3 day workshop where you will learn by directly practicing basic skills of Motivational Interviewing with others in a supportive, small group setting in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Your workshop leader is Michael Fulop, a Portland-based clinical psychologist, MI trainer, and member of MINT. This introductory MI workshop is ideal for psychologists, nurse practitioners, graduate students, counselors, diabetes educators, drug and alcohol counselors, MD's, and undergraduates interested in learning MI. You receive an MI Learning Guide, slides, and will get a chance to network with other MI practitioners.

Intro to MI Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Mindset and Heart-set of MI
  • Learn the four basic MI processes
  • Begin to Learn OARS skills
  • Learn the basics of Change Talk and Sustain Talk
  • Learn how to roll with "resistance"
  • Develop self-directed MI learning plan

Class/Workshop Learning Methods

  • Interactions and discussions
  • Some didactic presentation
  • MI videos from various settings
  • Practice MI skill development 
  • MI Skill Building Exercises
  • Role Playing and Real Playing
Portland, Oregon
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3 Day Introduction to Motivational Interviewing - Portland, Oregon
17 Jan 2018 - 9:00am to 19 Jan 2018 - 4:00pm
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