New Developments in Motivational Interviewing (Rollnick)

New Developments in Motivational Interviewing: Thursday 2nd April 2020
Led by Stephen Rollnick
London OR by International Interactive Webcast (IWS)

This Masterclass will focus on the application of Motivational Interviewing in new directions. Issues covered include: 5 Common myths about MI and enhancing
motivation, A new 4-process model of clinical practice, The art of rapid engaging, How to maximize advice-giving, Working with client language about change, Integration with CBT and some more radical new directions.
Join me for this special event either in the room in London or by interactive webcast wherever you are in the world. The webcast allows Q&A, group and pair work as well as simultaneous video stream and PowerPoint. If booked beforehand, it also allows 28 day access post event for those that cannot make the training live.

King's College London & Online
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New Developments in Motivational Interviewing (Rollnick)
2 Apr 2020 - 9:00am
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