MINTor Application

As an international network, we have found great value from learning and connecting with other professionals across the globe.  With this in mind, we began a mentoring program in 2014 known as MINT+.  The program was conceived, designed and piloted in order to assist TNT participants in finding professional mentors within the network. The MINT+ offers ongoing professional support to continue the learning process.

As a pre-existing MINT member and Forum participant, you are invited to be part of the 2019 MINT+ program, which offers participants an opportunity to be partnered with a TNT participant (also referred to as a MINTee) who is seeking continued learning post-TNT. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, along with a short bio, please send this additional information:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Country/region where you live
  4. Language that you prefer
  5. The mentoring focus that is most important/interesting to you (i.e. using MI in therapy, teaching MI, starting a consulting business etc) 

The bio and this information will contribute to the pairing process.

This year, we are experimenting with using Zoom for pairing mentors (MINTors)  and MINTees. We would like to do this in August, although it is possible that we will need a couple of sessions in September. Multiple dates/times for Zoom pairing will be offered to you after we have received your bio and other information. By pairing prior to the Forum, we are hoping that the MINT+ mentoring partners will utilize the Forum MINT+ “Meet and Greet” as an opportunity to spend time together and plan the first steps of their mentoring relationship. We will send you the final pairing details once we know how many TNT members are able to participate this year

Please note that MINT+ will also offer pairing of mentors (MINTors) and MINTees throughout the year, expanding to those who are not able to attend the 2019 Forum.  

Please email your bio and the requested information to Cheryl Martin at by July 24th.   Thanks for your willingness to share your time and experience with our new MINT members.

Please note that MINTor and MINTie matches should not create a financial or professional relationship that could be perceived as a conflict of interest


In anticipation of a successful MINT+ 2019,

Cheryl Lynn Martin, Chairperson

Scott Nyegaard, Co-chair  

MINT+ Committee




Participation Guidelines for MINT PLUS

As a MINT+ Participant, you are asked to:

  • Submit your MINT+ information (indicated above) by August 24, 2019
  • Review professional biographies of potential matches in advance
  • Attend the MINT+ Meet-and-Greet event at the Tallinn Forum 2019
  • Complete the scoring of potential matches and submit to MINT PLUS host
  • Be willing to meet with your MINTee regularly throughout the 12 months following the Forum
  • Evaluate progress and send update to MINT PLUS once during the last half of the year


MINT Guide (MINTor) Roles & Responsibilities

1. Collaborate with your paired MINTee to:

  • Develop an understanding of your shared expectations
  • Remain flexible in changing expectations or plans
  • Adapt your feedback to your MINTee, using an MI “way of being”,

2. Work with an MI Spirit

  • Reflect and gently guide
  • Give advice with permission
  • Offer concrete examples based on your expertise and experience
  • Recognize your MINTee’s opportunities for growth and emphasize strengths 
  • Evaluate progress
  • Affirm your MINTee
  • Support trust and offer reliability within the relationship

3. Meeting Goals

  • Collaboratively decide if you would like to continue your mentoring relationship once the first year has ended


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