MINT Bulletin Volume 15, Issue 1


November 2009
MI in Emotions, Reinforcement, and MI: Reflections on Wagner and Ingersoll (2008), Bill Miller. 
What the Research Says... About the MI “Spirit” and the “Competence Worldview.”, Grant Corbett
Development of the Client Evaluation of Motivational Interviewing, Michael Madson, Emily Bullock, Alayna Speed, and Shirley Hodges
Training MI in a Vocational Rehabilitation Context, Trevor Manthey
Engineering Change: A Collaborative Action Research Project to Enhance Motivation Amongst Vocational High School Pupils, Maria Daly
Motivational Interviewing in Poland: A Polish-Irish Collaboration, Iga Jarraczewska and Andrew Considine
Information on Training in Motivational Interviewing, Members and Advisors of MINT’s Board of Directors

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