MINT Bulletin Volume 13, Issue 2


July 2006
In This Issue From the Desert, Bill Miller ponders the question, Can Organizations be MINTy?

Steering Committee Update, Chris Wagner

A note on the upcoming MINT Forum 2006, Jackie Elder

A Consensus Statement on Defining Change Talk, Willam R. Miller, Theresa B. Moyers, Paul Amrhein, and Stephen Rollnick

Teaching Empathy in Motivational Interviewing in France, Guy Azoulaï

Note from the MI-TNT in Genova, Italy, November 2005, Gian Paolo Guelfi

What the Research Says… About MI Training: Part II , Grant Corbett

Adventures in Practice in Struggling with the Righting Reflex, Cathy Cole

The “I Have What You Need” Expert Trap of Installing Right Behavior and The “You Have What You Need” Spirit of MI for Evoking the Client’s Own Motivation for Change training handouts, Mike Clark.

Is Motivational Interviewing a Tool or a Way Of Life?, Jake Rollnick

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