MINT Bulletin Volume 12, Issue 2


August 2005

Possible Selves and Gentle Persuasion in Children and Adolescents, Bill Miller

A Consensus Statement on Change Talk, Paul Amrhein, William R. Miller, Theresa B. Moyers, & Stephen Rollnick

What the Research Says …About Change Talk, presents Part III - Commitment Language, Grant Corbett

Introduction and Preliminary Agenda for MINT Forum 2005, Judith Carpenter & Jacki Hecht

Steering Committee Update, Kathy Goumas

Obesity: Another Perspective and Practice Suggestions, Susan Butterworth & Shawn Jeffries

Motivational Interviewing with Illicit Drug Owners: An Effectiveness Study, V. Quercia, G.P. Guelfi, M. Scaglia, & V. Spiller

Training Coders to Use the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Coding System, Rosemary Breger, Carol DeFrancesco, & Diane Elliot

Passionate Peacemaking: Mediation and Motivational Interviewing, Carolina Yahne & Kathleen Jackson

Staying Fresh with Long-Term Clients, Cathy Cole

Theoretical Exploration, Appreciating Confrontation, Harry Zerler

Project Community CARES, Stéphanie Wahab & Usha Menon.

A Former MINTIE Looks at the Precarious Intersection of Personal Issues and Professional Work, Douglass S. Fisher

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