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Online Introductory 4 Hour Training

This 4 hour virtual workshop only requires you have a computer to log in to to see the information and videos and be able to remotely have conversations with those at the workshop on the Zoom platform.

This workshop is packed with powerful information that will introduce you to the skills and language of Motivational Interviewing and cover:

  • Introduction to the 4 Tasks of MI: Engagement, Focusing, Evoking and Planning

  • Recognizing “change talk” versus “sustain talk” or “discord” –  the 3 types of “talk” in MI

  • Creating the working alliance with clients to help with behavior change

  • Changing the “fixing reflex” to skillful advice giving – the skill of Ask-Offer-Ask

  • Recognizing practitioner traps that lower motivation in clients

  • Introduction to the “micro-skills” of MI:  Open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections and summaries

  • Generating conversations that have equal partnership, cultivate change talk, and soften sustain talk - the spirit and foundation of MI

Target Audience:

This workshop is geared towards for professionals working with clients with goals of health related behavior change: physicians, nurses, health educators, care managers, dietitians, social workers, counselors, psychologists, life coaches, mediators, clergy, dentists, dental hygienists, probation/corrections officers, personal trainers, etc.

**You will receive a link to the training 1 week ahead of time with materials and instruction.

CEU's for RD's only  - 4 hours for this workshop

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4 hour Virtual Introductory Training
25 Jun 2024 - 8:30am to 12:30pm
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