Intro: Steve Rollnick

Motivational interviewing (MI), with over 700 published controlled trials to date, is being increasingly used not just in mental health care and addiction, but across all care settings where clients face the need to change their behavior, such as in general health care and education. Dr. Rollnick is a co-founder of MI, and has been responsible for much of the evelopment work designed to help practitioners in diverse settings to address change by giving their clients the chance to say why and how they might change (i.e., to evoke motivation from within them as opposed to trying to persuade them to change).  How to connect rapidly with clients, and evoke motivation to change is at the heart of MI and this workshop.

This workshop will cover the overall spirit of MI and the listening skills that form its foundation, participants will have the opportunity to practice skills in real play and role-play scenarios. The relevance of MI for their everyday practice will be addressed.

New York
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20 Nov 2017 - 9:00am
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