FREE - WEEKLY - On Line Practice Session S. Kershner

FREE - WEEKLY - On Line Practice Session S. Kershner

Free Online MI Practice Sessions, Every Monday and Friday

Every Monday at 12 Noon Eastern Time (NYC) / (9am Pacific LA / 5pm GMT London)

Every Friday at 9am Eastern Time (NYC) / (6am Pacific LA / 2pm GMT London)

Want to practice, register and just show up!
Register here for the Zoom link:

Contact me with questions, more info below

How it works

MI Practice Sessions are a great way to learn how to apply MI techniques to real-life situations.

MI Practice Sessions help participants develop Motivational Interviewing skillfulness by practicing MI conversations in a small group setting with peer learners and a coach.

Each session is different based on the needs and interests of who shows up. Usually we discuss an MI topic, and then we choose a situation where we can practice MI and try not to get stuck! As a group practice our MI skillfulness. If we get stuck, we discuss possible MI strategies, and then try them out in conversations with each other. Members reflect on their conversations and get positive feedback regarding the felt outcome of each conversation. The atmosphere is designed to be one of safety, high interest, and mutual learning.

Free Zoom Practice Sessions meet on Zoom every Monday and Friday at 9am. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience level.
Lots of learning with peers from all over. Join from a laptop, desktop or even by phone. Sessions are 60 minutes long. Register here:

Each session stands alone, so come when you can, as often as you like, weekly or monthly or in-between, it’s up to you.  Sessions are 60 minutes long.

Do I need to know MI first?
Not really, though it will help. 

Want a Free Quick MI Refresher Classes
Come to one of our MI Snacks! 
Wednesdays at 11am (ET)
Use the same registration link

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FREE - WEEKLY - Online Practice Sessions - S. Kershner
3 Jun 2024 - 12:00am
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