Facilitator-led Online Coaching

Thank you for your interest and/or engagement in working towards becoming MI proficient with me.  In order to make the process more efficient, I have created the below link where you can sign up for a session, on an as needed basis to consult about your cases and continue to sharpen your MI skills. 

You do need to have at least completed an introductory MI experiential course.    

 Note: Please be prepared to have cases that you want to staff and discuss  so that we can spend the hour talking through them (ie:  Challenges .. tx planning.. feeling stuck... etc.). Feel free to send me a recording of a session to my email at EmpowerTCT@gmail.com at least one week prior to the call if you would like to receive feedback in an MI adherent way around any 20 minute segment of the session. 

Other MI related Svs that I provide for an additional cost include:

1) Reviewing session tapes (20 min) segmentyour choosing and providing you with written feedback on areas of strength and areas for improvement.  $120 per tape

2) Agency group consultations via zoom/phone to problem solve and support MI implementation.  $250/hr

3) Supervisory related consultation from the lens of MI $250/hr

among other services.. please check out our website EmpowerTCT.com for more information or email us at EmpowerTCT@gmail.com

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Supervision and coaching
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Are you looking for support in integrating MI into your daily practice? Have you completed at least one training in MI? If so, then you will find this coaching session helpful. I role model MI throughout and work hard to create a safe environment.
6 Jul 2021 - 11:00am
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