facilitator-led online 30 Minutes on Affirmations

This is a part of a series called, "30 Minute Thursdays":  Every Thursday, between May 14- July 16, Dr. Kate Watson will teach a small segment of Motivational Interviewing to a live audience via Zoom. You can choose to join some of the lessons, or sign up for all of them at once for a discount. Every week, we will cover one SMALL topic in 30 minutes, and then I will offer an additional 30 minutes of practice and discussion for anyone who wishes to stick around.  Follow this link to learn more and register:  https://www.advocacyacademy.org/30-min-thursdays


By registering, you receive:

1. 30 minutes of didactic learning from an experienced trainer

2. 30 minutes of live discussion and practice

3. Access to an online platform with learning materials (articles, videos, etc.).   


The complete list of topics:

  1. May 14th Topic: Ambivalence and the Righting Reflex
  2. May 21st Topic: Change Talk and Sustain Talk
  3. May 28th Topic: Exchanging Information
  4. June 4th Topic: Spirit of MI
  5. June 11th Topic: Evocative Questions
  6. June 18th Topic: Affirmations
  7. June 25th Topic: Reflections, part 1
  8. July 2nd Topic: Reflections, part 2   
  9. July 9th Topic: Summaries
  10. July 16th Topic: MI in the big picture
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18 Jun 2020 - 11:30am
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