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This interactive 2 day workshop is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning more about Motivational Interviewing and gaining additional practice with feedback.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a communication method increasingly used within health care settings. The skills employed can be used in a broad range of context such as rehabilitation, pain management, health care, criminal justice, education, lifestyle change and addiction counselling.

This course will:

  • Introduce you to the underlying principles and foundational skills of motivational interviewing
  • Give you the skills needed to influence positive changes in people’s lives
  • Support skill development which can be taken back into the workplace

You'll develop an understanding of the principles and ‘spirit’ of MI by exploring themes such as:

  • Practicing the foundational skills – Open Ended Questions, Reflections, Affirmations and Summaries
  • Understanding ambivalence and decisional balance
  • Evoking change talk, softening sustain talk
  • Avoiding common traps
  • Elicit-provide-elicit
  • Focusing

You will reflect on what motivates or hinders people around change. By the end of the course you will be able to use MI skills to support change by building rapport, evoking change talk, helping people explore and resolve ambivalence, moving towards taking action.

Lunch, handouts & a certificate of attendance will be provided for participants.

The workshop will be highly participative in style. A mixture of didactic presentation, small group discussion, DVDs, demonstration and skills practice will aid adult learning, enabling participants to gain experience through demonstration and practice.

Derby UK
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2 non-consecutive days May 8 & 22, 2019
8 May 2019 - 9:30am
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