Using motivational interviewing to address college client alcohol abuse

TitleUsing motivational interviewing to address college client alcohol abuse
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsScholl, MB, Schmitt, DM
JournalJournal of College Counseling
PublisherAmerican Counseling Assn
Place PublishedUS
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number1099-0399
Accession Number2009-04338-006. First Author & Affiliation: Scholl, Mark B.
KeywordsAlcohol Abuse, Alcohol Rehabilitation, College students, motivational interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI;W. R. Miller & S. Rollnick, 2002) is presented as a potentially effective counseling strategy for assisting traditionally aged college students in reducing their problematic, heavy alcohol use. Mi's congruence with two developmental theories—Self-Determination Theory (R. M. Ryan & E. L Deci, 2000) and Seven Vector Model (A.W. Checkering & L Reisser, 1993)—is explored. In addition to presenting a case illustration, recommendations, advantages, and limitations are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved) (journal abstract)

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