Teaching brief interventions for smoking cessations via an interactive computer-based tutorial

TitleTeaching brief interventions for smoking cessations via an interactive computer-based tutorial
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsCarpenter, KM, Watson, JM, Raffety, B, Chabal, C
JournalJournal of Health Psychology
PublisherSage Publications
Place PublishedUS
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number1359-10531461-7277
Accession Number2003-04453-014. First Author & Affiliation: Carpenter, Kelly M.
Keywordsbehavior change, Computer Applications, Health Personnel, health-care professionals, Human Computer Interaction, interactive computer-based tutorial, Intervention, interviewing, Motivation, motivational interviewing, Personnel Training, Readiness to Change, smokers, Smoking Cessation, smoking cessations, Tutoring

Argues that many current smokers do not plan on quitting any time soon. For these smokers, the immediate treatment goal is not a quit attempt, but an increase in readiness to stop smoking. In the present study the authors developed an interactive multimedia simulation and tutoring environment that teaches health-care professionals to provide brief motivational interviewing-based smoking cessation interventions tailored to the patient's current readiness to change. This tutorial utilizes a cognitive science-derived learning approach that provides tailored feedback and lessons based on learners' pre-existing knowledge, is highly interactive and allows learners to practice skills in simulated clinical situations. Results from 2 pilot studies (Study 1, n=25; Study 2, n=28, aged 24-66 yrs) indicate that health-care professionals and students found the software easy and enjoyable to use and successfully learned motivational interviewing-based strategies for smoking cessation. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)

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