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Step 3 motivational interviewing (advanced)~~This 3 day course is run in association with the Gestalt centre in London. It aims to give participants who have already completed introductory and intermediate courses on motivational interviewing the opportunity to develop the effective use of their skills in their everyday practice and to receive a certificate of competence in MI.Prospective participants will be expected to show evidence of attendance at Step 1 and 2 training before attending Step 3.. The workshop is taught by 2 highly experienced trainers and restricted to 18 participants. Competence will be assessed on the basis of a recorded case study which will be coded by one assessor according to the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity code (MITI) and assessed in a more narrative way by a second marker. Successful students will be awarded a certificate from the Gestalt Centre in London who recognise it as part of their short course programme.

By the end of the course participants will be able to
Describe when to use motivational interviewing (and when not to)
Conduct an in-depth assessment of a client's motivation
Use advanced listening skills to support clients' self-confrontation
Use a range of strategies to 'roll with resistance' and manage discord
Demonstrate an understanding of the key principles of behaviour change.

Birmingham, England
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A small workshop with a high participant-tutor ratio to enable development of proficiency
7 Nov 2019 - 9:30pm
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