Self-paced Ongoing Learning Collaborative Intermediate

MI Ongoing Learning Collaborative #1 - 3 month/6 session

Are you looking ways to keep learning Motivational Interviewing after your training is complete?  With the numerous requests for self-paced and continued learning of Motivational Interviewing, we found a fun and practical solution.  You will engage in ongoing MI practice activities that draw on collective intelligence to further develop your critical thinking.  What's convenient is that you practice and learn when it is convenient for you, within a several day time frame.

This is a collaborative learning process that provides continuous exposure to MI in a bite-sized and interactive format.  The process is broken into digestible, interative learning sessions, one question at a time.   You will watch video clips and read vignettes, devise your MI approach, learn how others would approach the same situation, and receive feedback on your thinking.   This collaborative consists of six sessions over the course of three months.

**NOTE: The $100 fee is for the 6 sessions over the 3 months

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29 Feb 2016 (All day)
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