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This one-day Advanced Motivational Interviewing training will provide participants with the opportunity to continue building upon the MI skills covered in the Introduction to MI course. The course will pay particular attention to using MI micro-skills and strategies to elicit change talk and reinforce client commitment. The training will be highly interactive and include several opportunities for practice. At the end of the training participants will be able to: Demonstrate 2-3 strategies for eliciting change talk; Identify change talk and reinforce it through the strategic use of the OARS; Explore goals and values with clients in a way that will enhance motivation for change; Identify ways to use Motivational Interviewing in a group setting; and Conduct a MI change planning session.

Reno, NV: UNR Redfield Campus, 18600 Wedge Parkway, Reno, NV 8951
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Cost ranges from $40-$85
1 Dec 2017 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
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