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~~I was first introduced to Motivational Interviewing in 1999 whilst working with young people who had drug and alcohol issues. I loved the concept but I have to admit it was a slow burner. I did another introductory course a couple of years later and a bit more stuck with me but it wasn’t until I studied MI in depth as part of a Diploma in Addiction in 2005 that I really saw the light and started to apply myself to getting better and learning more. By now I was working in adult drug services primarily with heroin and crack users and MI was so helpful in moving me away from confrontation, persuasion and trying to have all the answers and moving me towards patient, trusting and helpful relationships with my clients. My work became so much more enjoyable and rewarding as a result.
A few years later and I find myself in a training and education role in the NHS teaching MI to professionals as varied as Category A prison staff, weight management, Children’s Centres and almost any area of health and social care you can think of. I have spent the last eight years developing and improving my training sessions and found that I have developed as an MI practitioner as a result. MI is not easy, it takes practice and it takes time so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t click immediately, as it is possible to experience some success, even in a small way, almost immediately. Those little victories spur us on, keep us learning and maintain our enthusiasm and we build from there. I try to set good foundations and make that first experience of MI an exciting and inspiring one and it’s so rewarding to see the difference it can make!

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