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Assistant Professor of Psychology
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Kevin M. King, Ph.D.
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313 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
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United States
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I am an Assistant Professor of Child Clinical Psychology at the University of Washington. My research focuses on the development of substance use and disorders among adolescents and young adults. Specifically, I am interested in understanding on how adolescents come to use alcohol and drugs, and how that use progresses into substance abuse and dependence. My work has attempted to understand how cognitive and emotional aspects of self-regulation develops across adolescence, how context shapes their development, and how these forms of self regulation may either enhance or buffer the effects of other risk factors on problematic alcohol and drug use.

I have been learning and training in MI since my internship at the University of Pittsburgh in 2007. I find MI particularly compelling for its basis in compassion and empathy for our clients, as well as its fundamental respect for their autonomy. I also cleave strongly to the empirical literature on MI, and bring a strong scientific focus to all of my trainings. Finally, I think it’s important to have fun and bring a sense of humor and a light tough to everything we do; these training are always a joy to me, and I think my trainees always walk away with a smile.

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Introductory Training
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Criminal Justice
Mental Health
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I provide highly interactive training that involve a lot of "learning by doing". We will work in large and small groups with varied kinds of exercises to immerse ourselves in the principles of MI to experience and practice its fundamental skills in order to leave any training with some sense of who to improve practice. I also believe in setting appropriate goals and expectations, and customizing each training for my client organizations, so I will work with you to ensure that the training I provide fits the needs of your organization.

I regularly provide MI trainings around the State of Washington to state and local mental and physical health service agencies, and regularly teach doctoral level training courses on MI at the University of Washington.

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