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Paula Sofie
assistant professor
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University College in Nord-Trøndelag
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About Me

In 2006/07 I was involved togheter with Tom Barth in starting a course in MI at the local university college. This autumn the 7th group of students are starting. The cours has been a huge succes and the demand has been so big that we have had to expand from one to two groups per year.  It runs for a whole year and is equvivalent to half a year of unicersiyt studies.

The succes is no doubt connected to the fact that we have Tom Barth and Jeff Allison as trainers and also that the cours is so long and includes supervising as well as teaching.

I have been part of the course the whole time, at first as a superviser and now as a teacher and I´m also supervising those who are involved in supervising the students. 

I have also been giving lectures to nursing students and education students in edition to giving a lot of workshops to different groups mainly within health and social service.

I´m 54 years old, I have a master in social service and got my TNT in Sitges in 2009. Before I became a assistent professor I worked mainly in the drug and alcohol addiction area for about 25 years.

For about 1,5 years ago my partner and I moved to a small farm in the middle of Norway where we are enjoying life together with a dog, ten hens and three cats :-) I have to grown daugthers living nearby (for the time being) and we spend a lot of our free time hiking and skiing.

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Criminal Justice
Organisational Change
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I truely believe that training MI takes time in edition to supervising. I therefore prefer to give workshops that takes that in account. If the training is ment to have any inpact on the practionairs work the training should be given in sequences: two days of training, a period of practice (preferably with supervision) and then two days of training again.

Anything less than that is an introduction to MI, which could make some change but won´t give people the full understanding of MI.

When I train Mi I try to emphasize the importance of empathy and ethics. MI is not a set of techniques to be switched on and off. It´s a way be around people who are confused in how to make their lives better.

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