Online Self-paced MI Learning Collaborative

This collaborative is designed to provide basic, cost effective, learning opportunities for ongoing exposure to Motivational Interviewing.  Participants are sent a video clip or a vignette.  There is one open question associated with the example, such as: 'When you assess the types of language (sustain talk and change talk) in this video, and the client's goals, describe a MI approach and your rationale.'  You can spend as much or little time as you want thinking about your answer and have three days to respond.  You could write something immediately off the top of your head, or give it more thought over the course of a few days.  Once you submit your idea, then you see the ANONYMOUS ideas of four others in your learning pod from around the country, or possibly the world.  After reading these anonymous ideas, you have an additional few days to change, edit, or completely rewrite your response for your final submission.  Since it is anonymous, no one ever knows who is who, so you can build off other's ideas and take more risks.  After the final response is entered, you see the final responses of the other in your small pod, and you can rate each of their ideas on a scale of 1-5, so you ultimately get feedback on your thinking/strategy.  Then, you also see the responses of others in the larger cohort.  If 50 people are participating, you ultimately see all of those responses and their ratings as well.  

The full process for that single session takes just over a week, but your time commitment can be anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour for that session, depending how much time you choose to commit.  A new session starts every two weeks, so there are six sessions over the course of three months.  It's inexpensive at $100 for the entire three month collaborative.

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6 Jul 2015 - 7:00am
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