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Reaching MI Competency:  A guided course for advancing your Motivational Interviewing skills

This very unique workshop will be tailored to the individual needs of the participants.  The objective of the course is to help advancing MI learners identify their current level of progress toward MI competency/proficiency, participate in advanced skill practice exercises tailored to the needs of the participants, and create individualized learning maps for excelerating MI skill development moving forward.  

As part of the workshop, learners will make use of audiotaped samples of their own MI work. These samples will allow each learner to individually 'walk through' a guided self-reflection/skill assessment process to discover and assess their own strengths and challenges related to 10 different common 'milestones' for MI learning. Digital tape recorders will be provided by the trainer. As such, participants may choose to create the MI sample(s) on site or bring pre-existing samples of thier MI work (or both).  More details about the tape samples will be provided upon course registration.

Learning Objectives.  Participants will...

1)  Understand and identify 10 common learner 'milestones' that are commonly encountered by those going through the MI learning process. 

2)  Learn a structured process for self-assessing their own progress toward proficiency around each of the MI learning milestones (and other areas they may wish to accomplish in thier work).

3)  Identify areas for advanced skill practice and partake in targeted practice during the workshop (exercise/video topic areas will be determined by the participants as a group with guidance from the trainer).

4)  Identify sources for ongoing skill practice exercises, videos, workshops, etc. to continue enhancing areas of strength and building skills around areas of need.

3)  Individualize and fine-tune a roadmap for ongoing skills advancement while applying MI in day to day work with clients/patients.  

Twin Cities area, Minnesota (venue TBD)
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This highly interactive workshop will guide each participant through; 1) understanding the typical 'milestones' in the process of arriving at MI competency, 2) assessing their progress relative to each milestone, and 3) putting together an individualized
27 Sep 2017 - 9:00am to 28 Sep 2017 - 5:00pm
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