International Intermediate 6 week instructor-led

Online Intermediate MI workshop

This course meets on Tuesdays, beginning June 3, 2014 through July 8, 2014.  Cost is $500.00 USD and the trainer is Jacque Elder, PsyD.

This blended course uses both online resources as well as one  week Skype call over the span of 6 weeks.  The calls last 90 minutes and they are offered on Tuesdays, 10 am or 6 pm CST in an attempt to accommodate local and international learners.

The learner needs to have taken our Introduction to MI course and successfully met proficiency on their last audio session coded to move into this next course.  If learners did not take this course yet feel that they have had adequate training in MI, they are free to submit a session of their own clinical work to CTI and if it meets profiency, they can enter the Intermediate Course.  All learners will be required to submit pre and post audio sessions which are coded with the MITI 3.1.1 and receive 30 minutes of feedback/coaching on their session.

This course will focus more on Sustain Talk, Change Talk and Action Talk and skills needed to elicit and reinforce them.  The other MI skills will be used as well yet particular attention will be to the forming of Motivational Interviewing Adherent (MIA) statements, skills related to Giving Information and continued work on Complex Reflections

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International Online Intermediate MI course
3 Jun 2014 - 9:00am
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