Intermediate MI Monthly On-Line Consultation


Motivational Interviewing Monthly Consultation  Intermediate Skill-Building for Proficiency and Guiding Others (monthly web-based meetings)

These  monthly consultation group will build strategic MI  skills in small manageable increments within an MI learning community. Last Friday meetings starting in March. The design is intended for those who want to develop the finishing elements of a fully realized MI practice and especially  for those who may have a leadership or supervisor role. Using practice opportunities and case consultation, we will work through difficult presentations and stuck places. 

 Observed MI practice & coaching with feedback is recognized in research as the best practice method for creating full implementation culture change to MI as well as a higher level of confidence in the skills (Miller, W. R., et al., 2004 Fixsen, D. L. , et al., 2009). These segments will focus on skill building and ways of sharing  MI skills in work settings for the self and in others. Flexible proficiency is the goal. Learners will also come away with ideas for guiding and teaching others. Participants will spend time on what makes it MI and gain valuable skills for evaluation of their own practice and also guiding others to exceeding baselines.  Prior basic MI training is required. Trainees also have the option of submitting a practice tape for individual feedback.

Sign up for a bundle of 4 sessions to use anytime during the year on an availability basis. Sessions are limited to 8 persons. Develop your own achievable learning plan and a tape feedback session is included in the price. While not currently organized for CEU’s you will receive a certificate and any documentation you require toward licensure.

Prior basic MI training is required. Trainees also have the option of submitting a practice tape for individual feedback.

Dates: Last Fridays 1:30-3:30 EST Participanst  register for sessions and book prefrence of time with me Individual Coaching available on request

Dates March 28, April 25, May 30,June 27, July 25,Aug 29,sept 26, Oct 31 Nov 28 2020

$195/4 $55/1


Contact Annie Fahy 949 280 8378/ for details and registration.


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Web Based Zoom Monthly Meeting
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Supervision and coaching
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Monthly MI Consultation & Skills Online
28 Nov 2020 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm
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