Ferry Beach in Saco, ME Intermediate 5 day MI Symposium

This five-day symposium will offer a series of techniques for transforming the most problematic challenges encountered in everyday caregiving. The spirit, skills and structure of Motivational Interviewing are immediately applicable to clinicians, healthcare workers, therapists, and caregivers in all kinds of clinical settings. Here we will approach the daunting task of creating hope within hopelessness, gracefully exploring a person's spirituality and looking at trauma through a compassionate lens. We will create a way of avoiding burnout and we will focus on creating a useful working alliance with the patient, client and/or consumer.

You will learn to love the engagement with the people you care for and within that engagement, work with the hopes, dreams and desires of the being before you.

We will learn, practice, and rest within a most beautiful beachside place, and create an incredible learning community using meditation, music and sharing.

Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine
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17 Aug 2015 - 8:00am to 21 Aug 2015 - 3:00pm
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