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Motivational Interviewing (MI) has emerged over the past two decades as a leading approach for addressing a core clinical concern – motivation. 
Incorporating the latest MI developments, this workshop focuses on the key elements that can transform your practice to escape struggling with clients and make real change in people’s lives. 
Learn how the MI process works and its application in different clinical situations

  • Discover why friends and family often contribute to motivational challenges that clients experience
  • Identify and avoid some traps that well-meaning helpers can fall into
  • Recognize how to thread the needle and help clients find new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving

Join motivational interviewing expert, trainer and author, Chris Wagner, Ph.D., for this action packed day! Learn how to effectively focus clients’ attention on embracing change and successfully anticipating and surmounting obstacles they face as they pursue it. You will leave this workshop inspired and prepared to help your clients get unstuck and begin creating more fulfilling lives. 


  1. Correlate the relational and technical components that make MI work.
  2. Model how the 4 processes and OARS skills of MI help change happen.
  3. Explore ways to elicit and respond effectively to change talk.
  4. Practice specific ways to help your clients resolve ambivalence and talk themselves into change.
  5. Develop strategies for working effectively with clients who seem “resistant” to change.
  6. Choose how to effectively use MI with specific disorders.
East Lansing, MI, US
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7 Sep 2017 - 8:00am
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