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One Day Intermediate Skills Booster

This One Day Skills Booster will build strategic MI guiding and coaching skills in all clinicians who want to progress in MI proficiencies. Its is also especially useful for those who are guiding and supervising others in their MI skills. Working on issues of a behavior or lifestyle change in patients takes flexibility and innovation as well as solid  communication skills.  Motivational Interviewing (MI) offers an efficacy based framework to create compassionate and effect conversations that enhance motivation and change. This workshop will offer skills and practice opportunities to think, and speak Motivational Interviewing once basic concepts have been aquired. Using practice opportunities and case situations, learners will explore various applications of MI. MI learning opportunities improves skills and resiliencies in the worker. Additionally observed practice, coaching with feedback is recognized in research as the best practice method for creating full implementation culture change to MI as well as a higher level of confidence in the skills (Miller, W. R., et al., 2004 Fixsen, D.L., et al., 2009).

This workshop is a followup to a “ MI basics” two day or five part series workshop.  Providers and supervisors using  MI protocols will gain many great ideas for implementing MI culture change  in a variety of health care  and behavioral health settings. Incorporating MI into practice and work settings provides professionals with ways to address behavior change in a “patient/client centered” way.  Intermediate MI offers many practice opportnity as well as moving into strategic decision rules based on client readiness and laguage. Learning will focus on evocation elements as well as planning and transitions. Learners will have ability to listen to MI elements and begin to evaluate what makes one session MI and another session only good lisrening and gain basic knowledge about evaluation and MITI coding.

Prior basic MI training is required.

Schedule: 9:30-12:00 Class  12:00- 1:30 Lunch  1:30-4:30 Class/ two 15 minute breaks   You need a computer with video, internet and microphone to participate. Class size is limited 

Sample Objectives

Participants will

  • review and practice Core MI skills \ related to theoretical basis of Motivational Interviewing

  •  be introduced to strategic MI skills and conceptual frameworks for MI decision rules 

  •  gain knowledge and practice of strategic directional MI skills and responding to client languages including Discord, Ambivalence, Sustain Talk and Change Talk 

  • assess and understand how to integrate advanced skills with various work settings and client populations and practice innovating MI strategies for challenging situations

  • receive feedback in MI practice behaviors and receive advanced knowledge of the use of feedback in MI and coding practices

  •  engage and gain understanding in the ethical considerations of MI with clients and in supervision

  •  develop a personal plan for practicing and incorporating the advanced skills and strategies of MI into bio-behavioral practice.

  •  gain knowledge of integrating MI with other psychotherapies and interventions MI 


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Supervision and coaching
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One Day Intermediate/Advanced Skill-building
24 Sep 2020 - 9:30am to 4:30pm
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