Asheville, NC USA Intermediate

In this skills practice workshop, participants are expected to have some previous knowledge of MI. You are a good candidate for this class if you know enough about MI to describe the spirit, are familiar with OARS are and understand the importance of Change Talk!

In this advanced skills practice with MI, participants will:
-Practice MI core communication skills (OARS) to elicit and reinforce Change Talk
-Review 4 Processes of MI with special focus on 3rd and 4th processes: Evoking & Planning
-Explore ways to use methods of Evoking with one another to explore importance of self-care as helping professionals
-Evoking: practice identification of change talk and sustain talk, ways to elicit and reinforce change talk, and ways to strategize eliciting change talk from sustain talk
-Planning: identify client signs for change plan readiness, ways to develop effective change plans, and address planning issues that arise in MI consistent manner

Asheville, NC
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Advanced your Skills in Motivational Interviewing
29 Nov 2017 - 8:30am
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