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Two Day Basics Intensive MI  

This intensive 2-day workshop may serve as a beginning or a jump start to past learning experiences, so that participants develop  real world skills that they can use immediately. Class objectives include introduction to the theory, principles, and skill development  of MI and related motivation-enhancing behavior change approaches. This training includes the most updated design for MI training from the recent 3rd edition by Miller & Rollnick.  Participants will be guided through a sequence of learning activities to explore and shape counseling & conversation practice behavior, and to initiate a process for developing future learning plan for skill proficiency in MI.  Training will address all CORE motivational interviewing skills: the four processes of MI, Spirit and Strategies, and will focus on observed skills practice.  Learning activities will include: real-life demonstrations, videotape examples, “real-plays”, small group exercises, and participant observed practice with feedback. This training is conducted using Motivational Interviewing and modeling by the trainer and this enhances learning.
Contact Annie Fahy 949 280 8378/ for details and registration. 

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Charlotte, NC
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Two Day Basics MI Skills & Practice
8 Mar 2018 - 8:30am to 9 Mar 2018 - 4:30pm
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